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It appears that many people need a little help from time to time with their passwords or where their passwords work at. 

Passwords must be:

  • 8-12 characters in length
  • Contain at least 3 of the following: one alpha upper case, one alpha lower case, one numeric, or one special character
  • Cannot repeat more than 3 characters from the previous password
  • Cannot contain more than 2 identical consecutive characters
  • Cannot contain personal identifying information/text (name, SSN, etc.)
  • Cannot be reused for at least 4 cycles
  • Contain no embedded spaces ("e.g. RED Dog/1")


The Network password is used to check your government email.  You can reach you government email here.  The Network password expires between 30 and 60 days and you have two options to change it.  If you are on the internal network you will be able to change it online.  Outside the internal network (on the internet vs intranet) you will not be able to change your password and will be required to call to change it.  To change your password online, you must be able to currently log on, the click on the “options” icon in the left margin.  Go down the page to the “Change Password” button.  Select that button.  The box that comes up will as for Domain, Account, Current Password, New Password, New Password again.  For Domain, enter “Network”.  Account is you name that you use for email, that is, first name dot last name.

Online Learning Center (OLC)

The OLC is where we do our online training.  This password needs changing about every 6 months.

It has been suggest that when you change your network password, that you also then change your OLC password at the same time and to change it to the same thing as your Network password.

Phone Numbers

Network - 800-253-8571
OLC - Contact your Terminal Training Coordinator


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