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Everyone is always looking for a link dealing with something.  Here are some links that I believe will be helpful for TSA employees of the DFW International Airport.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) web site

Department of Homeland Security web site

Online Learning Center - Intranet link

TSA HR Services Online  -  PASS

HR Access  -  New Jan 2009

National Finance Center - Replaces Employee Express - First payday from NFC is Sept 12th 2005.  “Employee Personal Page

TSA email link is here.

DFW Badging Office Application.  Form Here  (fill out online) - - - Requirements Here

Thrift Savings Plan

eOPF - electronic Offical Personnel File - Request access on link from TSA HR Services Online home page - link is above.

Career Toolbox

Employee Assistance Program - EAP - Read more

LifeCare - an agency-paid benefit that provides free educational materials and personalized referrals to help you and your dependants more effectively manage worklife responsibilities.

Insurance - General Info


TSA Career Planning and Development Tools & Services

Travel Sentry

Employment Verification - The Work Number (company code 11363)

USA Jobs - TSA jobs

TSA Jobs

Application Manager


Company Catalog - TSA products - belongs to TSA

A store with some Travel Sentry locks - webmasters

VF Solutions - uniforms

USA Learning - Formerly - OPM learning center - you must sign up with a government email address - (previous id still works)

Sallys Cop Shop

Quartermaster Uniforms - Great place for uniform accessories - try the link  Try their shirt stays - stirrup-style or regular.  Both are well worth the money.

FedSmith - A newsletter for Federal Employees

DFW Employee Portal - Intranet only


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